Complaint Letter for Poor Hotel Services

It is very irritating to get the poor services when you choose a hotel for your accommodation. You can always contact the concerned departments of the hotel when you want the services to be improved. If you want to put the complaint written by you on record, writing a letter is the best option.

It also protects you in the case of any legal issue. The complaint letter about the poor hotel services is written to the management of the hotel when you feel unsatisfied with the services of the hotel. It is fine to let the hotel management know about the poor hotel services, but it is better to do it with firm but with a positive attitude.

The letter is used for the hotel also because the management of hotel can improve the services when it gets to know about the shortcomings in the services of the hotel.

Tips for writing a complaint letter about hotel services:

It is important to write a complaint letter that is professional. An effective complaint letter can make a difference. Here are some tips that can help you write a complaint letter.

  1. The letter should be written concisely because it is a formal letter. The unnecessary details that can lead to the increase in the length of the letter should be avoided.
  2. Keep the details of the letter clear. The particulars of the poor services that you received during your accommodation should be mentioned in the letter so the reader can understand what bothered you during your stay.
  3. It should also be stated what you want the hotel management to do in response to your complaint letter. Also, state that how long you can wait for the hotel to improve its services.
  4. The complaint should be written in a friendly way which means that you should not use the sarcastic tone.
  5. There should not be any impersonal statement in the letter.
  6. Never forget to include your name and contact information so that the management of hotel can contact you in the case of further queries.
  7. Following sample template will help you draft the complaint letter in the circumstances.


Sample Template

Complaint Letter for Poor Hotel Services

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