Civil Complaint Form

Definition of civil complaint:

A civil complaint is a legal request to file a law suit or register a complaint about any party in the court of law. This complaint is made by a party called the plaintiff, who claims to have incurred a loss or suffer damage due to the actions of the other party called the defendant. The plaintiff requests the court of law to settle the issue and demands a legal and equitable remedy for the unjust problem. The defendant is required to prove his/her innocence in the court of law.

What is a civil complaint form?

The civil complaint form is a formal written request to file a complaint against a party. The form contains details like:

  • The damage or loss that has been incurred by the plaintiff
  • Personal details and information about both the parties involved
  • Causes and reasons for the loss or damage
  • Role of all the involved parties in the loss event
  • Any kind of evidence present with the parties to prove their case

The submission of this civil complaint form is done with the court of law along with some supporting documents required in the process. The parties are required to mention the date of submission and the entire story or list of events in chronological order must be mentioned to make a good claim. Otherwise, the court might not take the civil complaint form effectively and ignore the petition altogether. It is necessary to make your request convincing and effective for the reader.

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civil complaint form


Civil Complaint Form
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