Christmas Dinner Invitation Letter

Happiness and recreations play a key role in the well being and strong relations among people belonging to different cultures and societies. In the same way, all religions have different traditions and events differentiating their culture and thus defining their belief and values. All countries always respect the different religious events of the respective religion or culture.

Invitations of all kinds are the most acknowledged gestures to invite people for sharing happiness. Invitations can be both official and non-official. Invitations are given for the respective seminars, career management workshops and about different business launches. Other than these, invitations are also always given for dinners, marriages, success parties etc.

The following letter is a sample invitation letter. And it is specified as a Christmas dinner invitation letter. It contains the required layout for sending a formal and proper invitation. Amendments, if required, can be done in any way.

Letter Sample

Subject: Christmas dinner invitation letter

Dear Mr./Ms. [NAME HERE],

I hope everything is going up to the mark. Hope you and your beloved ones are in good health. With a pleasant note, I hereby invite you to the grand Christmas dinner.

I must add up all the details for your convenience. This year the time span is increased due to last year success and grand feedback. The time will be from 4:30 p.m. until night 12 p.m. on 25th December 2017. The adult gaming zone is introduced this year and kids care center is also available for infants and toddlers so that couples can also enjoy. The kids gaming zone is full of very exciting gifts along with free tickets of the mini circus for the winners. The dinner is a buffet and will be served fresh until ending time.

Adding up; I would like to inform you that a little award ceremony for all the employees will be held from 7:00 p.m. to 8 p.m. This special arrangement for the ceremony is made in the dinner to acknowledge the best employees. And to make your families cherish these special moments.

I hope you would be joining along with your family. Your presence is highly valued.


Letter Preview

Christmas dinner invitation letter