Letters Archive

Request Letter for Uncertified Copy of Birth/Death Certificate

The used to request for the uncertified copy of your relative’s birth or death

Letter Requesting Genealogy Record from Church

You may need to request the management of a church to provide you with

Reference Letter for Professional Employee

If you are a supervisor of a company, you will always encounter such employees

Reference Letter for Managerial Employee

You can write a managerial reference letter if your employee has requested you to

Letter Requesting Verification of Previous Employment

Many people need the verification letter when they want to purchase or rent a

Thank You Letter to Teacher

A teacher is one who is always ready to extend his/her helping hand just

Thank You Letter to New Customer

In today’s competitive market, every business tries to provide the best services to its

Complaint Letter for Poor Hotel Services

It is very irritating to get the poor services when you choose a hotel

Final Request Letter for Overdue Payment

It’s a bit tough task to deal with the customers with overdue payment. Sometimes,

Employee Layoff Letter

Layoff letter of the employee is written by the employer when he has laid

Warning Letter for Unprofessional Behavior

Ethics and morals are the keys to perfect behavior. Behavior symbolizes the personality of

Services Cancellation Letter

Cancellation of Subscription or Services Any formal written document that is utilized to cancel

Formal Resignation Letter

Services & Resignations Are you all set to leave your job? Write a resignation

Parent Teacher Conference Requesting Letter

Academic Letters A parent-teacher conference or meeting is a special event that takes place

Employee Recommendation Letter

Business Letters Recommendation or reference letters are very important in the function of human