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Office Equipment Expense Approval Letter

Running an office efficiently is not very easy. It takes a lot of time

Job Resignation Letter with 30 Day Notice

Employees are the real asset of a company and they are the most valuable

Warning Letter to Employee about Internet Usage

According to a research, people spend between one to three hours a day surfing

Warning Letter for Violation of Company Policy

Following policies can be hard. Being a person who goes by the rules will

Warning Letter to Employee for Negligence

When it comes to work and jobs, we do not pay much heed to

Warning Letter to Employee for not Following Instructions

We all know the common skills we need for jobs. But there are some

Warning Letter to Employee for Performance Improvement

Businesses exist for work and to make profits. Feelings and emotions are very less

Warning Letter for Missing During Work Hours

Work places have some work ethics and rules. And one of the major rules

Warning Letter for Habitual Irregular Attendance

When looking for employees, employers look for the best employees in quite a lot

Client Referral Letter

A client referral letter is written to the client or his family members to

Warning Letter to Employee for Unplanned Leaves

Work has become the necessity of our lives these days. And as it has

Warning Letter for Leave without Approval

Discipline is very important in life, especially at work. So to maintain this discipline,

Approval Letter to Attend a Conference as a Presenter

The letter of approval is usually like an announcement or news for a reader.

Appreciation Letter from Parent to Teacher

Teachers are the builders of your child’s personality. You can always see lots of

Letter of Resignation for Retirement

The resignation letter due to retirement is not the document that notifies your employer

Letter of Resignation due to Company Merge

Resignation letters are one of the commonly used letters in professional life. These letters

Payment Plan Proposal Letter

The primary purpose of writing this letter is to propose a method to pay

Letter Reporting about Insufficient Funds

The reporting letter informing about the insufficient funds is written to the person who

Resignation Letter from Board of Director Position

Working with a board of directors is a huge responsibility and it required to

Salary Increase Request Letter for Long Service

After spending a particular period, you can use this letter to request for the

Genealogy Record Request Letter from Library

If you are in need to get the copy of your ancestors’ obituaries newspaper

Genealogy Record Request Letter

There comes a need across you to write a request letter to the funeral

Request Letter for Itemized Charges

Sometimes, the cost of the items purchased does not turn out to be as

Job Rejection Letter due to Lack of Experience

Many people are applying for a specific job for which they are not suitable.