Business Appraisal Form


People have been engaged in business operations since time immemorial. Even from the ruins and remains of the very ancient civilizations, it has been derived by experts that business and trade was a common phenomenon in all parts of the world. Over the years, business has become more and more sophisticated and advanced. Involvement of information and technology equipment and software has also made business very easy and convenient. Many new processes and standard operating procedures have been added to the business operations.

General Appraisal form:

One such very useful tool used by the supervisory authority of an entity is called the general business appraisal form. It is used by many managers just to have a measurement of the business performance of an employee. It consists of a large number of fields and elements that are related to the work place and the employee’s productivity in that environment. The general business appraisal form also highlights the key duties and responsibilities of the employee and whether or not he has performed well to meet the goals and objectives of the organization that has been assigned to him.

Organizational appraisal form:

In many organizations, the general business appraisal form is also utilized to find out the value of the business that is in point. In that scenario the appraisal form is used to find the following:

  • Fair market value
  • Selling and buying prices
  • Calculation of various ratios
  • Annual profit and loss incurred by the business.

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business apprasial form


Business Appraisal Form
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