Blood Sugar Log Template

Diabetes is a disease in which blood sugar /blood glucose levels increase from the normal values leading to further disorders. If the level is too high or frequently rising then it would be better to record a blood sugar check on a daily basis, however, those patients whose blood sugar level is maintained with diet or drugs can take a weekly or monthly blood sugar check.

Along with the blood sugar laboratory reports, the physician asks you to maintain a daily blood sugar log for easy access to the cause of the disorder. The log is divided into categories like meals of the day, drugs are taken to control blood sugar and your daily activities.

This log will help your physician to rule out why your blood glucose level is rising or in the contrary why your blood glucose level is below the normal range as the lower blood glucose level is again an alarming signal for doctors to investigate the cause and determine the treatment.Blood glucose below 70mg/dl is counted as low blood glucose level while blood sugar more than 120mg/dl tends to develop diabetes.

The blood glucose log comprises the above-mentioned categories, along with the weekly or monthly blood glucose readings.The physician comments and the target blood sugar level are also incorporated for a valid evaluation.

These logs are designed in a print format. The designing can be carried out via online available templates for blood sugar log. What you have to do is just enter the required data. You can download these pre-designed templates from various templates website. It’s up to you to maintain a digital blood glucose log or get the print of the downloaded template.


blood sugar log template

Blood Sugar Log Template
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