Appeal Letters

Justice is a word known to many and has a lot of significance for someone who has faced injustice in life. Justice is very important in any society. It helps us to prosper and maintain peace among ourselves.

A society which is based on justice makes sure that no one gains an undue advantage and no one suffers any loss. Most of the times, influential people will do wrong and try to save themselves due to their power. This is where a strong society will play its role. If the law and order are in its place, no one can be left without justice.

Said that talking about justice is easy. But getting justice can be very hard. For surviving in this world, you have to put up a hard fight. Even with the modern society, lawyers, charities, and social workers are striving to attain justice. But even after all these efforts, justice is denied for some people.

We should train our society to not play favorites in any field. If a manager favors one employee over the other for no legit reason, it will create friction amongst the employees. We need to treat everyone equally and on a fair basis. One way of maintaining peace and justice in society is by following the rules and making everyone understand the importance of rules and following them.

If you ever feel that you have been discriminated on any grounds and have been denied to justice, you should make an appeal against that matter. One of the major reasons for writing an appeal letter is to convince your reader that you were treated unfairly.

It is always better to stick to facts and keep your arguments ready. If you have any documents or proofs, that can back your argument, do not forget to mention them.

Also, list down the dates and times when the incident took place. If you have a colleague or a friend who can testify for you, do mention them in your appeal letter. Be true to your words. And if you feel that you have done a mistake, which triggered the biasedness, accept your mistake and mention that.

By accepting your mistake, you will be in a better position to present your situation. But make sure to keep your letter brief, as the more you say, the more you provide the reader to find flaws.

Sample Appeal Letter

Appeal Letter Sample