Apology Letter for Violating Company Rules & Regulations

The values and norms hold an important place in life. They are to be followed in every religion and every culture. In the same way, rules and regulations are obligatory for the society. Different countries have their own system and management regarding rules. Thus it leads to different kind of penalties regarding violation of these rules. People in every walk of life are supposed to follow the prescribed rules of their respective society. As all countries have proper traffic rules, when they are violated, they lead to serious accidents including the death.

Violation of these rules is associated with serious warnings and punishment. Likewise, the companies, industries, factories and all the businesses have set rules and regulations for better output and prospective future. The employees have to be strictly careful in following them properly. If a violation occurs, the person should apologize formally and should be ready to bear the consequences. Apologies can be sent formally through the letters. The tone should be quite soft and concerning.

Sample Letter

Dear [Recipients Name],

I hope you are good and everything is fine around. I am Peter Jackson, Marketing Manager of Steel Department in your company. I am writing to make an apology for violating the rules and regulations of the company.

As u know that I am working for your company for eight years. I am an award-winning employee for best conduct for three years. Last week, while I visited the machinery area, I was not wearing the gloves and mask. I know that it is strictly prohibited in the operational area to go without mask and gloves. This all happened was just an accident. I am aware that it can put life to a serious stake. I was in a stressful situation as I am going through some family issues. I was just on that thought and I went on my scheduled round. I apologize on my carelessness. I will be very careful in the future. Please accept my apology. I shall be very grateful to you for this act of kindness.



Apology letter for violating company rules and regulations

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