Allergies and Symptom Table with Checklist

Anyone can have an allergy. It may be one or couple of them. Diagnosing the allergy may be done with some medical tests. It may be observed by someone personally. We may go to a doctor to check if we have some kind of allergies. The doctor will suggest us how we can care our allergies about someone is affected with. Allergies can be short or less affected. It may be severe in some cases. No one would like to have any kind of allergy that affects his/her health by all means.

Allergies and Symptom Table with Checklist

This template is designed in need to keep a track if someone has any kind of allergies. It can be used at personal and professional levels. Any individual can use it to keep a record of allergy along with its symptoms. Doctors can use it to enlist all the patients with different kind of allergies so that he/she can treat them in accordance.

About the Template

The template is designed by professionals with the help of medical practitioners. A long list of all types of allergies has been given in the template. About twenty allergies along with its detailed symptoms are given. The sheet can be printed out and you can prepare a list of all symptoms with a check either in terms of YES or NO for a specific allergy. You may take this to your doctor so that he/she can fill it up for you. A little effort can be made to browse and search all the symptoms to enter for an allergy.


allergy and symptom checklist table

Allergies and Symptom Table Template
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