Affiliate Manager Resignation Letter

An affiliate manager manages the online affiliate program that is started by the affiliate merchant. The main job responsibilities of the affiliate manager are recruiting new affiliates, providing services to new affiliates, reporting on the activity of affiliate program etc. When you want to move on to get something better for you, you are required to resign from the job. There are many other reasons that can compel you to resign.

Regardless of the reason for leaving the job, you may have got a lot of good experiences and skills from your current job. It is always recommended to write a positive resignation letter so that you can maintain a good relationship with your ex-employer.

Maintaining the relationship with the ex-employer is important because you may need him later for reference or any other professional help.

The resignation letter should also give the notice so that the employer can find the replacement. End the letter by appreciating the company for putting efforts in providing you the complete guidance as well as support.

Here is a sample affiliate manager resignation letter from which you can get a clear idea about the format and the content to be added.

Affiliate manager resignation letter:


Please accept this formal letter of resignation from the position of affiliate manager in the company [XYZ] effective one month from today. My last day here will be 20th September.

I have decided to accept the job offer from another company. Taking this decision was not easy for me. I could decide it after a much consideration. Think it is a new challenge in my life and I will be able to grow.

Working for your company is no doubt a wonderful experience. I feel honored for being a part of your skilled and professional team. I appreciate the opportunities provided to me during my job. I am very grateful to you for all this. I hope that we will stay in touch in future. I wish you and your company best of luck in future.


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Affiliate manager resignation letter


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