5+ MS Word & Excel Editable Invoices


Bill invoice template is a simple document that contains a complete record of different transactions that are made between customers and organizations. All the businesses having any nature of trade try their best to focus on using these bill invoices so that they can keep a comprehensive record of all their business transactions. The bills invoice is considered to be very important and essential in use and while preparing them it should be kept in mind that these should look elegant yet simple and look very professional.

Billing statement invoice

If you don’t have a fair idea of the best format of bill invoice, you can hire the services of some professional or you can search the internet to find the right format for bill invoice. You can find relevant websites that offer bill invoice template for free downloading. By downloading it free, you can make simple changes according to your requirements and can easily use it. Required edition can be made in all the contents, invoice format, design and other relevant settings of this bill invoice.

You can design your customer’s invoices with the help of bill invoice template. The billing statement invoice enlists every due amount, previously made payments and is easy to calculate the due balance. A remittance section is also included for the customers to record their payments. This template includes company slogan and logo to give it a beautiful look. A professional looking bill invoice is a need for everyone whether a small or large business or some individual professional. Make required changes in the downloaded template and use it for your business purposes.

Download: Billing Statement Invoice


A sales invoice is a template that is used to serve an invoice to different customers and clients for receiving payments in lieu of sales made to them. These invoice templates are said to be a perfect fit for the business type that is involved in the shipment of products out to the customers or for invoicing different customers for sales or providing services at some later date. The template is mostly available in excel format and is available online for free downloading. This format in excel allows its users easy and quick typing along with the opportunity of customizing according to your own business requirements.

Sales Invoice For Word & Excel

sales invoice templatesales invoice template

Sales standard invoice in MS Word also provided a way of standard type style that allows personalizing that can result in more professional appearance.  Once it is customized and personalized according to your business requirements, it can be used for billing to your customers for sales of services you rendered to the customers. You can also add your company name and logo and slogan at top of the template to give it a more elegant and professional look.

Download: Sales Invoice for WORD

Download: Sales Invoice for EXCEL

If you are involved in selling products or providing different services, you are bound to serve a sales invoice to your customers to whom you have rendered services or sold products, if you are registered under the local business bylaws. A receipt cannot be considered to be an invoice because a receipt is just an acknowledgment of payment by the customer. This sample of sales invoices for word & excel must include certain information like the total amount to be paid by the customer and the due date of payment along with other details of products or services.


If you want to send your clients a credit invoice then you must need a memo invoice template. This invoice template is a document that is prepared for recording and maintaining the sales transactions records that are made by the business or company. This invoice is mostly required when companies in a procedure of delivering goods from place to some other place. Memo invoice template is considered to be a very useful tool for receiving different payments from different buyers.

Memo invoice templateThis memo invoice is also considered helpful in situations when there is found any damage to goods or products. This invoice template is said to be the best instruments that are useful in making memo invoice within no time. This template can easily be edited as per requirements by anyone after getting it downloaded. Different websites are offering this template without charging any fees.

Downloading a  memo invoice from a website online and creating it is both quite different things. If you are looking forward to creating a memo invoice by yourself as per your criteria, then either you need to spend a lot of time on it or you need to hire some professional to create it for you. As time spending can be costly, so it is recommended that a ready to use template should be downloaded from a website that meets your criteria. And if you can find a website that can offer you download this word template memo invoice, then this will be cost saving and time saving as well.

Download: Memo Invoice





A packing slip is used in situations when you ship out the orders and put all the detailed contents on the slip and let the recipient know about the items on back-order if there are any. There are different invoice templates, designs and formats of this packing slip available online and many companies also offer their services to make the job of preparing invoices completed for different businesses or professionals. Generally, a packing slip is available in excel spreadsheet and is typical to be used by businesses who require this.

Packing slip template There are some businesses that chose to include invoice copy along with the shipment but then in that situation, this copy of free packing slip invoice can create some confusion in cases where customers have already paid for the shipped items.

Download: Packing Slip

A packing slip invoice also helps in indicating that whether the customer knows that if there are some items on backorder or not. This spreadsheet is an easy and simple tool that is available for free and is used for packing slips. The main content and details in a packing slip invoice are shipping company name, date, then comes the other details of the packing slip. These details include recipient name, company, complete address with city and zip code, phone number and other details, customer ID, order date, order number and purchase order. The details about the items are consisting of columns related to the item number, description, unit type, the quantity of the order, the quantity of shipment and quantity of back-order. There is also some space for the comments and this invoice ends with a thanks note and the sending company name, complete address and contact number and the signatures of the official.



When people move out of city or country for business purposes or for enjoyment alone or with families they generally stay in hotels. The selection of hotel is definitely based on their budget, comfort level and the facilities provided by the hotels. Once the stay is over and it is time to pay then people are served a hotel invoice for the payment of bills. The rates mentioned in this hotel invoice cover all the expenditures incurred starting from entry till the exit and also including breakfast, lunch and dinner menu that was served during the stay in a hotel.

This hotel invoice template includes all the information about the number of days stayed, the bills of menus availed during the stay and any other services if obtained during stay like gym, swimming pool, luxurious spa, beauty treatment or indoor games etc along with their rates. This hotel invoice also includes other charges like luxury and service taxes during the stay being a mandatory addition to bills, apart from actual rates.

hotel invoice template

Hotel invoice template is a document that is different in nature as compared to other formats of generic invoice templates that are used for trading or purchase and sales of goods. This template commonly available in word and excel format is available at different websites too. If you don’t have a professional who can create this invoice, the hotel invoice can be downloaded for free from our website and later can be edited or modified as per requirements to cover all the relevant details the hotel accounts department wants to include.

Download: Hotel Invoice