15+ Professional Business Form Templates for Word


A quick assessment form is essentially a kind of form with no content whatsoever. The form is entirely blank. A form of such kind lacks any kind of specifically mentioned format for the users to work on. The form allows writers to work in any kind of format providing them with the freedom of expression in all aspects. The quick assessment form can be utilized as the following:

  • Employee performance assessment form
  • Employee health assessment form
  • Income assessment form

The form comes with the option of modification along with the facility to prepare the form in any sort of format. When it comes to the contents of this particular form, it is generally of the nature of assessment.

employee health assessment formThe content is to comprise of complete details of the assessment at hand along with the descriptive purpose of that assessment. The writer has complete authority of the determination of all kinds of what and why questions in these forms. They are more than often used for the preparation of an evaluation of specific facts and figures before reaching any decision.

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Download: Employee Health Assessment Form
Download: Employee Performance Assessment Form
Download: Income Assessment Form



Employee performance assessment form  Income assessment form












Verification forms are available here. Although there are a huge variety of forms available yet there is one form that could be used for official purposes. It is termed as Income verification form which can be used to fulfill a variety of purposes.

If you are aware of the nature of appraisal forms, you might know the significance of a verification form as well. It is like any other form that has a specific purpose to perform but is free from certain labels. So, it has the amount of flexibility in it to be used for any special purpose. For instance, appraisal forms can be molded to be used for vehicle verification or as an employee verification form.

Why Would You Need an Appraisal Form?

In any case, you need to know the reason for making use of the verification form; you might look for it here. There are times when you are facing the unavailability of the specific form and you are in dire need of a certain verification form. So, what you can do in that case is to use the verification form and mention the purpose for which you needed a certain form. It is the flexible nature of this sort of a form that makes it highly usable and capable of fulfilling most of the requirements.

What Are The Requirements for Filling an Appraisal Form?

After getting your hands on the verification form, you need to fill it by following a designated procedure. You need to first state here the basic purpose for which you needed the form and then write down your name. So, you need to specify the reason for using this form and also mention your personal details.

Income Verification Form

Income verification formThe main feature of these forms sis its professional nature that makes it capable of being used for lot many causes. The best thing about this verification form is the flexibility it offers because it could be utilized to create any sort of form. It can be used as a verification form for the assessment of your income or verification of a certain job etc. In other words, this sort of form is flexible enough to be used for a multitude of purposes. However, the basic purpose of this form is the verification that could be done for various reasons.

There are some considerations for you to keep in mind when you need to appropriately use verification forms. You need to attach certain documents along with it if you are using it for specific purposes. The aim of attaching such types of documents is to verify and provide evidence for the certain form. You also need to get the form signed by the respective authorities in case you are using it to fulfill a certain purpose. To sum up, if you need to get verification for a certain purpose, use these verification form in an appropriate manner.
Download: Income Verification Form




A contractor agreement form is an agreement that is signed between a contractor and an employee. It is a document that contains all the rules and regulations that the person needs to follow. It consists of all the related details that the person should be aware of when handling a contract.

What important things are mentioned in the contractor agreement form?

A contractor agreement form is an important document that needs to be signed whenever there is an agreement or a contract between the company and the employee. The contract also includes contractors’ relationship with the client. It also reveals a partnership that the employee may be offered by the company.

contractor agreement formThe contract form includes the benefits that the company will offer to its employees such as insurance, medical facilities, details about bonuses and etc. Other important factors that are clearly mentioned in the document are the description of the project, government law, ownership of property, contractors and employees’ obligations, liability period, contract amount and mode of payment, terms and conditions, notices, and etc. Engagement of services is also included in the contract form. Obligations that are mentioned in the agreement are unique and irreparable.

How to make a sample contractor form?

To make a sample contractor form, the first thing you need to do is to list down the important factors of your contract. You can also take a look at the samples that are present on the internet. A lot of websites have sample contractor forms which are a great help. It will help you in including the mandatory points in your agreement.

Download: Contractor Agreement Form





To have a secure, healthy and sustainable travel plan some actions are required to be taken. Companies, organizations and different departments manage travel plans for the employees. A structured process is always followed by every successful travel plan.

Travel Planning FormA travel agent which is not a part of transport structure delivers the travel plan to the customer. Travel plan can be managed privately or is being sponsored by the company or organization. It is designed for more organizational benefits or to attend meeting away from hometown. The sample travel planning form is prepared and designed by expert professionals to fulfill the requirement. The form is filled and completed by a travel agency. The customer or the client will be referred to travel agency which will collect necessary information from the client and will fill up this form. The form is thus used to make traveling schedules by contacting with different transport companies. The form is simply designed and is very easy to fill. It is designed and prepared using MS word. It can be download and open in MS word. It facilitates the user to edit or customize it accordingly as per requirement. A preview of it is also available for the users to have a quick look at its appearance.


Download: Travel Planning Form




There are many different types and kinds of claims that are lodged in the world owing to a wide range of reasons. Some may be medical issues, insurance claims, Medicare facilities, education benefits or any other form of grievances that needs to be settled through the payment of a monetary amount or any other service benefit in return. These and all other kinds of claims are mostly submitted to the designated authorities through standardized application formats called claim forms.

Travel Expense and Allowance Claim Form

travel expense and allowance claim formThe travel expense & allowance claim form is an example of such standard application. It is an already created document that is present in printed form. It is prepared according to the requirements of the designated authority and the type of information that they require from all claimants is added in this form. The party which has grievances of any kind with the other party will fill out the information requested in the form and file their claim.

This information may be very basic like name, address, age, sex e.t.c. There may also be a requirement for details about the claim like for instance the loss incurred, proof of loss and all the financial details of the claim requested.
The claim form will then be submitted to the authority’s office or carry out an online submission. It will then undergo a process of scrutiny and analysis and verify the validity of any other document that is attached with the form. In case the claim form is lacking some information or document the company has the right to reject its request.

Download: Travel Expenses and Allowance Claim Form

Insurance claim form         bankruptcy claim form










Preview: Insurance Claim Form   &  Bankruptcy Claim Form

Download: Insurance Claim Form
Download: Bankruptcy Claim Form



The request forms are easily available on the websites of a number of organizations and business entities. It is one of the most important items provided on the website. It is basically a service request generator by a desired person or organization to receive a specific product or service that the website provides its customers. The applicant has the convenience of submitting the request through an online medium or internet. The form contains the personal information of the candidate including name, address, contact numbers and other critical data. It also requires the applicant to provide the details of the product or service requested by him and the reason for procurement.

Discount request formThe form contains the terms and conditions of the organization regarding the purchasing process and the information related to purchasing method, mode of payment and return policy. The request form is a very comprehensive and multi-purpose document that helps the content management process of the company as well. It allows its users to store information and share data whenever it is required. In most of the cases, the request forms are submitted using the internet and their format is HTML. The sending and receiving are done through the email technology.

Thus we see that any business entity or entrepreneur who is pursuing a business online through internet needs to provide a  request form to its customers. Whenever they need some information or product or service related guidance they can use the blank request form to get their requirement fulfilled by the organization.

Download: Discount Request Form




In Preview:



Cash request form contract request form information access request form medical equipment request formTranscript request form parent teacher conference requesting letter



























Travelling is a very difficult and critical task especially when minors are concerned. According to the law of various countries, any individual having an age of fewer than 18 years is considered to be a minor or a child. He or she is not capable of making decisions on his own. For this reason, his or her parents or guardians are made in charge and given the responsibility to look after the child.

travel consent formWhenever a person who is less than 18 years of age is traveling on an airplane to an international or domestic destination and he or she is not accompanied by the parents or guardian, then a special permission to travel is required. This is a written permission given by the parents or guardian allowing the child to travel through airplane to any destination. This written permission or document is available in the form of the travel consent form. It can be provided to the parents or guardian of the minor through the airline or airport authorities.
The contents of the travel consent form include the following details:

  • Name of the child and other personal information
  • Travelling Destination
  • Time period of traveling
  • Name of parent or guardian
  • Name of adult in charge

The adult in charge of the minor may be a parent, relative or non-relative. It is essential that the form must be signed by the parents to make it effective.

Download: Travel Consent Form